Tom's Inspiration:

Doctor Daniel's macabre version for home delivery of drugs to your door. Was one of my hot rodded work truck designs featuring the popular old truck delivery C-cab. I related this to the old medicine wagon of the West where a guy would come through town with his "snake oil" or bad medicine. It's the wild west medicine wagon on steroids.

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Only that ol' witch doctor, Tom Daniel, could brew up a concoction like this. Imagine a prescription delivery toy our door at over 200 mph. This sanitary speedster with the long, low dragster look is pepped-up by eye-catching goodies like the steer horns on the front, skull and bones on the rear, and skeleton in the driver's seat. Kit has on-piece body, lots of chrome and decorative decals. BAD MEDICINE...just what the doctor ordered!