Tom's Inspiration:

One of the all-time classics, not to mention bitchin' model kits. There were many "D-modified" stock cars like this pounding the drag strips and pavement on the West coast. The model kit was like the straight-axle technology that allowed instant weight transfer and was aided by advent of the wheelie bar. The name "BADMAN" more or less came from my western background, and the "Adios Mother" decal on the back was consistent with the street drag language of the time in Los Angeles.

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/24

The ever-popular 1955 Chevy hardtop rides again as the Badman. Clean body lines, solid construction and powerful 396 V-8 engine made this car one of the all-time favorites for street and show rods and drag strip machines. Build it as a street "Funny Car" and Dragstrip Gasser with loads of the latest goodies. One-piece body with chopped top, radiused rear wheel-wells and operating hood. Latest red-tinted windows and blower scoop, custom Chev 283 engine with big GMC6-71 blower, Gilmer belt drive and tuned exhausts. Fully detailed chassis with straight tube front axle and parallel cross springs, raised rear end, ladder type traction masters and wheelie rollers at the rear. Spoked mag wheels with Goodyear wide ovals and wide-wide slicks at the rear. Interior has roll bar, bucket seats, center console and Hurst Shifter.