Tom's Inspiration:

My idea of a trick combi-van with mid-engine mousepower (small block Chevy) for fun when the Go pedal is stomped. Flower power theme was very popular with the hippes in the late 60s. The hippie invasion was in full swing with LOVE and all that *HA*. I designed the big door to open down so you could see the interior and the mouse motor. Would be a buildable street rod if someone wanted to try it.

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Tom Daniel did it again, amigo. You're where the action is with this super custom wagon. Hit the beach with the top-mounted surf board orŠopen the side door, roll out the Honda Mini-Trail bike down the ramp, and off you go. The peace symbol on front, psychedelic side panel decorations and "LOVE" decal tell it like it is for the NOW generation. Body styling includes air scoops on the side and chopped top. Exposed engine rides in rear.