Tom's Inspiration:

My first design for Monogram Models. As they say, "the rest is history..." with 80+ more designs to come. The idea for a Bulldog Mack truck hot rod beer wagon came from Roger Harney and Bob Reder of Monogram. The C-cab leant itself well to hot rod styling. The cross and the German theme reminded me of Milwaukee and its beer and German hertige. I used the original chain drive and added chrome beer keg gas tanks.

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Year: 1967

Scale: 1/24

Take an old Bulldog Mack truck, add fat slicks to the chain-drive rear end, stick eight chrome stacks thru the hood and racing headers thru the sides. Use a Munich beer stein for a shift knob along with a personal-sized beer keg and steins in the cockpit. Mold the whole thing in "Pilsner Yellow" and hang chromed beer kegs underneath the stake bed for gas tanks and you've got the wildest 1/24 scale beer haulin' drag machine ever created!