Tom's Inspiration:

Because we sold so many of the 1/24 scale Red Barons, Monogram decided to upsize it to 1/12 scale. This version came with a miniature Red Baron "Ghost" skull with an ornate German spiked helmet and the miniature triplane which appeared in the 1/24 kit after the first run. The skull and the triplane were both one of those little "extras" that made those kits fun back then.

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/12

BIG BOSS NEW SIZE MODEL KIT! 1/12th actual size! Over 9 1/2 inches long! The famous Red Baron strikes again! This is the kit you've been waiting for. New, different, groovy and boss. It's the BIG Red Baron! Designed by custom stylist Tom Daniel especially for Monogram. This machine carries all the latest and the wildest custom goodies from sunny California. Form the top of the spiked helmet to the extra wide Goodyear drag slicks, the BIG Red Baron is the ultimate "T" going.