Tom's Inspiration:

I had been doing a lot of the old-time truck C-cab delivery rods and wanted to try something futuristic when I designed the Cherry bomb. The gas-turbine motor was just falling out of favor when I designed it so I thought it would be cool to put it in here. The tilt-up bubble top was also futuristic in my mind. I added that surfboard trailer and cherry bomb gas tank on the Harley chopper to complete the theme.

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Tom Daniel--Guru of all designers--has come up with what has to be the most mind-blowing rod of all time...the show-smashing CHERRY BOMB! A tinted bubble top covers the plush interior, and to show off the gleaming chrome turbine engine another tinted bubble is set into the long lean hood. To make it totally out-of-sight, Tom added a wild custom trailer to haul his own unreal show chopper...a mod bike with high-rise seat and raked-out wheel. The way-out styling of this show rod is super from the special combination torsion bar-axle in the front end to the flush-mounted sequential tail lights in the rear deck. Riding on spring-air rear suspension, the CHERRY BOMB gets its go from a boss turbine powerplant. Headlights are housed in tapered chrome pods, and tinted transparent bubble top opens to show interior detail including uni-control. Tagging behind in its own custom trailer is the mod chopper with bored and stroked mill, cherry-bomb gas tank and highrise backrest and sissy bar.