Tom's Inspiration:

We had developed a cutting edge "Funny Car" Chassis for the '57 Chevy kit "Outcast"...and the powers that be at Monogram wanted to utilize that chassis under some other kind of car body...I thought that was a kind of a cop out; and I wasn't too thrilled about using the Plymouth Duster body, so "COP OUT" it became, complete with Cop car accouterments.

Year: 1973

Scale: 1/24

Feast your eyes on the Cop Out...drag strip version of a far out police car! The body of this mean looking Plymouth Duster funny car tilts up to expose the detailed chassis, driver's compartment and big blown 426 Hemi mill. Giant M&H "wrinkled" slicks ride on deep chromed mags. Topping it off, a lineup of the very latest emergency lights.