Tom's Inspiration:

Choppers were all the rage back then as they are now. Some how, Satan/the Devil seemed interwoven with the genre. Horns, bones, skulls and such were mental elements used to design this evil machine. I think this kit had the plated parts done in a wild metallic pink color. I didn't do the box art illustration, which is a mystery to me.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/8

The sight of this sinister cycle will send shivers up your spine. This demon's delight was concoted by daredevil designer Tom Daniel. There's a lotta muscle in that mighty "74" mill and the groovy "boned-up" frame will blow your mind. Molded in bright-color plastic with lots of chrome and black vinyl tires, the finished model is 15-1/2" long. DIG THESE TEMPTING CUSTOM GOODIES! Devilish handle-bar "horns" Wicked "74" mill Raked-out leg bone fork Big wide rear tire Dangling skull tail light Satan-tail kick stand Red tinted chrome trim.