Tom's Inspiration:

Draggin'Fly -probably should have been (in hindsight), named the "Drag'N Fly. Like the "Flap Jack",this was a crazy spoof of pseudo-military type machinery. Hey, I pushed the envelope design wise...what can I say?

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

It's a's a plane...NO! It's supertrike! Tom Daniel must have had his eye up in the sky when he dreamed up this far-out machine. This winged rammer sucks its power from a big "8" mounted behind the pilot's pit. The mean mill sports a big air intake on top and eight headers busting out if its sides. It's fed by two drop fuel tanks under the wings. Blowing off the competition is a breeze with the chromed, 4-blade propeller. And the prop rotates when the trike is pushed! Forward of the front wings are raked-out, moveable forks, mounted with a square-beam headlight. The chrome reverse rear wheels are covered with super fat racing slicks. The dude jockeying this scoot is decked out in some bad airman threads. He leans easy in the hi-rise seat. As he grips the strung-out bars with one hand, he gives the "thumbs-up" sign with the other...meaning A.O.K. For sure, this model really is.