Tom's Inspiration:

Like most kids, fire trucks --especially the old chain-drive variety, really got my attention as they wailed down the street, with the chains making neat growling noises; with helmeted fireman hanging on for dear life! The name for this kit "FIRECRACKER", was a natural...I mean, if you can crack a safe, you can crack a fire. This first version was/is one cool kit; and one of my better box art efforts. The ultra-WIDE wheels and low profile tires were only about 25 years ahead of their time--Story of my life.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

Sound the comes the Firecracker! Tom Daniel's version of an old time fire engine is hot enough to smoke up the quarter-mile, cool enough to turn-on any mod fire fighter. Molded in fire engine red, this rig has brass-plated trim, black rubber super-wide low profile slicks and a Ford Cobra 289 mill with "hose coupling" headers. High pressure pump is under the seat, fire axe mounts on the side and extinguisher rides on the running board.'s hot stuff!