Tom's Inspiration:

Sorry to say, this is what the original Dragon Wagon morphed into. Too bad I/we (Monogram), couldn't see he future and popularity of the original design. I had always liked tow trucks and this kit came out pretty nice, but like many, I was/am sorry to see the Dragon Wagon go.

Year: 1975

Scale: 1/24

Are you ready for the Hangman? Only a ghoulish rig like this deserves the rare privilege of getting hitched to a disabled show car or custom street rod. From the wild Cobra mill with dual-quad carbs and velocity stacks to the realistic noose dangling from the towering boom, this raking wrecker is really far out! 'C'-cab interior includes plush tuffed upholstery. Antiqued headlights, rooftop spotlights and colorful decals add the finishing touches.