Tom's Inspiration:

At my Gramma's house in Temple City, Ca, as a kid I used to catch Horn Toads...I thought they looked really neat, kind of like very small dinosaurs. I used to gently stroke their horny little bodies and watch them nod off to sleep as their eye lids closed. So naturally, many years later, I thought a neat name like Horn Toad could apply to a wild show rod design. The genesis for this design started with a sketch I had done in one of my Sketchpad articles for Rod & Custom Magazine in the '60's. The idea popped up again some years later when I was hot and heavy into the Monogram design programs. I very much liked the Poncho Slant-6 motor and played with it by laying it over to the right at about 45 degrees, and adding cool looking exhaust headers and adding Weber Jugs to the intake manifold. The windshield 'A' pillars were designed to have that "horny" look and were connected to the doors...the whole assembly tilting forward for entry/egress. My "Ultra" wide wheels and low profile tires provided the "far-out" look I wanted.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

One day a big toad hopped onto Tom Daniel's workshop. Tom put on his sorcerer's cloak, used his magic powers and turned it into the fastest, meanest looking show rod ever sleek it looks like it's ready to leap forward any moment. Doors and "horned" windshield tilt open for easy access to the detailed interior. Flip-top rear deck reveals hidden gas tank. Pontiac mill has six-pack of big Weber jugs.