Tom's Inspiration:

"Jinx", was a spoof name and rhymes with the name of a well known armored Truck company that hauls money around and who got robbed of BIG bucks. I thought it only fitting to 'hot rod' a money truck. This was the first version (Fast Buck was the second). I had a lot of fun designing this one with all the rivets ( I am a rivet freak), and all the gun ports, revolving top turret, BIG rear spoiler, wheelie wheels and all the rest. Early on, it was decided to actually make this model kit capable of being used as a "Piggy Bank"...the slot to drop in coins is in the top turret... so I deliberately gave the front end treatment a kind of pig snout look to it. The short wheel base and overall "chunky" look always appealed to me.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

Tom Daniel stuck a big, bad engine under the tinted hood scoop of this rollin' "Fort Knox", then added zoomie pipes, periscope, high-rise spoiler and big, wide, super-fast slicks to give it the GO when the green comes on. This model has detailed driver's compartment, revolving turret, with slot for depositing coins, and rear "vault" door that opens for withdrawals with a combination lock that really works. It's can bank on it.