Tom's Inspiration:

I think the name came after the design of this Snap Tite kit. The advent of the put-puts with the big high flotation tires was just beginning to catch on in the '70's, so this kit was targeted at beginning modelers and 'posed' for action. That's my #1 son Kelly doing the leaping.

Year: 1972

Scale: ~1/32

LAND TAMER Wouldn't you like to go blasting across the dunes in this gassy ATC (All Terrain Chopper)? The Leap Hog - a frantic big blaster with mod styling that's the coolest. Riding high on three donut tires, the Leap Hog makes sand boxes out of deserts, and does the big hills in nothing flat. The high back seat keeps the rider from going back, end-over-end. And rising up from behind is the sky-scrapin' exhaust. The Leap Hog - a fun kit that really makes a good showing!