Tom's Inspiration:

Well, we'd done the original 1/24 scale Baron...which sold better than hot cakes; and we'd done the "big" Baron version, which was cool...and someone said "Hey, we're doin' the Snap Tites,...lets do a Li'l Red Baron Snap Tite". And it was done. This is a rare kit like the Snap version of 'Trantula... I posed it for action on an Iron Cross shadow base and made it doing a truly wild wheelie.

Year: 1972

Scale: ~1/32

ACHTUNG! It's the mighty Li'l Red Baron set in action. Tom Daniel, the California designer, has done it again! This blasting Baron does a wild wheelie off its super fat racing slicks. And where does it get all its go power? From that big engine up front, fed by the German canteen gas tank in the rear! To top it all off, check the German helmet roof. A super kit that's a real eye popper... the Li'l Red Baron!