Tom's Inspiration:

Mojave...(pronounced MO-hav-e, for you in Palm Beach), is a name that bespeaks of the great southwest; and mules are still out there wandering to this day. The names seemed to go together to rename this Chevy 'Luv' mini-pick up. Mojave Luv didn't sound cool at all. I think it turned out to be a nice kit...the 'Buzzard Bars' on the windshield were a first; and overall it has a purposeful look to it. It also happens to be (as of now), the last model I designed for Monogram.

Year: 1976

Scale: 1/24

The latest word in custom off-road vehicles is keep on truckin'! And mini pick-ups are stealing the scene with the on and off road fun-driving crowd. This one's the exciting Chevy LUV, (Light Utility Vehicle), customized exhausts, off-road wheels, roll bar and tool box. Hood opens to show detailed 262 c.i. V-8 engine.