Tom's Inspiration:

Like the Horn Toad, the genesis of the Muscle Bug was a sketch done long ago in one of my Sketchpads for Rod&Custom Magazine...but the car was not a VW Beetle (or Bug as they became known). The Muscle Bug name was a natural since the Hemi stuffed into this VW "Bug" had plenty of "muscle". I always liked this big scale kit, with front and rear hinged body panels that opened to show the interior goodies. Its also ripe for super detailing freaks to have a ball with.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/16

This funny car got lost from the drag strip... Muscle Bug... It's without a doubt the wildest VW that ever hit the street scene! With its radically chopped V-dub body riding low on deep chromed slot mags, this street freak is no joke and no slow poke. And WOW... you'll flip at the sight of that rear end! Tom Daniel stuck a clear see-through panel over the engine with eight chrome-plated "trumpet" exhaust stacks stickin' right up through those neat twin sky-windows. And tall injectors reach up into the scoop, ridin' high on the rooftop, to gulp air into the innards of this mini terror. But what's THIS? The body's split in half at mid section! Tilt the back half up to see that gigantic blown Hemi power plant. Tilt the front section up for access to the full detailed driver's area with twin bucket seats, roll cage, instruments and controls.