Tom's Inspiration:

The original (real), '57 Chevy was designed by my good friend and former instructor, the late Bob Cadaret. The thought of taking that classic body and whacking it into Funny Car Form would really be cool, sez I. It was almost 20 years ahead of Tom McEwen's full size Funny Car. I always liked the name "Outcast", and it fit this ahead of its time design.

Year: 1973

Scale: 1/24

OUTCAST... '57 Chevy chopped and stretched body... trick Buttera Funny Car chassis... super tough Keith Black Hemi mill... outa sight! Giant M&H wrinkled slicks and mounted on deep chromed slot mags. Bringing up the rear are dual spoilers, twin chute pack and wheelie wheels. Tilt-up the body and dig the detailed interior... roll cage, padded driver's seat, steering wheel, gauges. Colorful decals finish it off. Who can cast out the OUTCAST?