Tom's Inspiration:

To me, 'Rat Motor' = 'Rat Vega' ... when using the Chevy Vega - in this case, panel truck. I really like the smooth, custom body would be trick 'n slick in full size form. Rat Vega and Poison Pinto to me are kind of fraternal twins, both done at the same time, and I always think of them as a pair. There was a yellow version of this kit I believe, that had green tinted scoop and windows for added customizing, the hood scoop looks cool in reverse or 'ram air' position.

Year: 1972

Scale: 1/24

This midnight-black Rat Vega might be one of the most out-of-sight panel trucks you'll ever see. It packs a heavy "Big Rat" Chevy engine into its reworked front end and covers it with a transparent scoop. Check out the front spoiler and the special diamond-shaped tail lights. The black beauty soaks its traction from the big racing slicks mounted on the chrome reverse wheels. Speaking of the wheels - grab the "wheelie wheels" in the rear. Along the sides run a pack of chrome pipes. The Rat Vega - quite a mover!