Tom's Inspiration:

This is a neat little 1/32 scale Snap Tite kit of a classic 'rail'...with the driver-behind-the-motor. Those old dragsters 'roared'; and these early versions without bodies were called 'rails', hence the name 'Roarin' Rail'. I posed this one for 'action' and enhanced elements such as the blower housing and scoop. Since those old rails really 'flexed' when in motion, I gave this rail chassis an arch too. I built one of these a long time ago; and added fuel and spark plug wires; painted details and then glued cotton to the rear portion of the big slicks...then 'tweaked 'n teased' the cotton to resemble lotsa smoke. It turned out pretty cool. Revell/Monogram is re issuing this one in 2001.

Year: 1971

Scale: ~1/32

The Roarin' Rail takes dragsters to a whole 'nother level, and then some. This Tom Daniel designed top feulie is ... well, let's just say it's a 'wild, thrashin, fuel-guzzlin AA/F dragster'. (from 2001 reissue)