Tom's Inspiration:

I grew up during World War II and was influenced by military vehicles of the time. Rommel "The Desert Fox" was of course, an infamous and interesting character of the war and I thought it would be neat if he has his own cool car to drive in. Since it was a German vehicle, I married a Mercedes to a half-track and added some other cool features. It turned out to be a very popular kit back then. Monogram actually had a Mercedes SSK kit in stock so we just added the other tooling to that to make the kit.

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/24

Talk about a wild, real gone dune buggy! Here's the granddaddy of 'em all! It's a WWII vintage half-track Kommand Kar that might have been used by a Desert Fox himself to prowl the shifting sands of the sinister Sahara. Powered by a supercharged Mercedes engine, it sports a Mercedes front end, half-track rear, realistic machine guns and the bleached skeletons of the Desert Fox and his driver.