Tom's Inspiration:

Obviously, this is a re issue of the 'King Chopper', sans my pet Vulture, missing from atop the Sissy Bar. The company policy at that time was to get as much mileage out of the VERY expensive tooling as possible. So, periodically, kits were re popped in a new box, with new colors, decals and name. This is an example.

Year: 1974

Scale: 1/8

Long and lean up front with radically raked-out fork, this three-wheeled ground shaker offers an easy ride with it's plush, contoured high-rise seat and super- wide Goodyear street skinds on the rear wheels. This big-size-1/8 scale model is 15" long and crammed with detail...fuel lines, brake cables, chrome-plated mill, starter, oil tank, battery box, clutch housing, chain drive, disc brakes...everything needed to make a real showpiece. Such a righteous machine could only come from where it's happening...the West Coast. Tom Daniel got it all together, and for the finishing touch, added the wildest, brightest decals you've ever seen! Just like the custom paint jobs on the real California chopper. To top it all off, a sinister looking California Condor comes ready to perch on the sissy bar.