Tom's Inspiration:

'Super Digger' is an exciting - and RARE -big 1/12 scale 'action' kit...REAL action. This was an all-mechanically actuated model. No hi-tech electronics were involved. (Hi-tech was still YEARS away). The design is classic dragster, with motor in front of driver figure; smooth flowing body lines, neat streamlined 'head rest' housing, nicely detailed blown Hemi motor and tasteful decals completed the package. Mattel ripped off this idea also, with an 'electronic' funny car in 1997.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/12

Press the starting button and the engine screams to life. This big skin rail dragster performs with the action and excitement of the life size cars. Just like being at the drag strip. And it never leaves the display stand. POPS A WHEELIE! As the engine whines, this long, sleek fueler actually does a wheelie. With front bicycle wheels high in the air, it looks as though it were leaping right off the starting line. WHEELS SPIN! The front end eases down, those big, wide, beefy rear slicks spin wildly and it's into the simulated quarter-mile at 200 plus mph. CHUTE OPENS! As it reaches the finish, a four-panel drag chute automatically pops out, the wheels slow to a stop and the engine "whine" shuts off.