Tom's Inspiration:

Being a kid from L.A. a bunch of us would go riding up and down the coast and sometimes we'd end up in Tijuana. There were a lot of bizarre vehicles driving around that city and in the middle of town (in those days) there was a big traffic circle. Taxis would be jammin around that circle. So I started with an old coach body, then put on a bunch of the ornaments I saw on the cars down there like chicken coops and old trunks. Like the Red Baron, there was even a hit song out at the time by Herb Alpert to that theme!

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/24

EET EES ONREAL! Would you believe Tijuana Taxi? Ole' In Tijuana, South of the border, gringo car designer Tom Daniel spotted an antique taxi, the makings of a real, unreal show car. He took the ornate Spanish frame, added a new read end with dual shocks and coil springs and ornate radius rods. A hot "Big Poncho" engine with dual quad Weber carbs, groovy headers and lots of chrome completed the chassis. He painted the antique body hot orange and restored the 1st class interior, 3rd class fender seats and top-mounted 2nd class seat and chicken coop. Tom got it on its feet with a set of Goodyear slicks, and wide boots up front, all mounted on deep dish spider wheels. It's the Tijuana Taxi, Ole'