Tom's Inspiration:

At the time, most dragsters had the motor out in front. I thought it would be fun to put it in the back of the driver inside of a 'T' bucket. "Trick", was the word back in the '70's to indicate anything really spiffy. The motor residing behind the driver ,in the 'T bucket to me was 'trick'...hence 'Trick 'T'.

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Super-Neat Unreal Rail! You'll pop your eyes when you dig this wild, way-out dragster with the muscle-packed Blown Hemi Mill in the plush upholstered driver's seat and the driver peering out where the engine should be. Trick Tom Daniel, Wizard of all designers, used his magic touch when he created this illusion. It's styled to disappear from the starting line, zoom like magic down the quarter-mile and reappear at the finish line, its twin Deist chutes blossoming out of nowhere. TRICK "T" won't believe your eyes.