Tom's Inspiration:

'Troublemaker' was one of my more 'serious' deigns, in that it could have been built in 1-to-1 (full size,) scale and run at drag strips. I thought a 'stretched' El Camino pickup body would work well - and it does. This design pre-dates the Pro Stock Pickups of today by some 25 years! The only other race car body I ever saw that tilted forward like this model, was a car run by Dunn and Wreath way back when. 'Troublemaker' just seemed to be a name that 'fit' this dragster.

Year: 1973

Scale: 1/24

Wild funny cars are big on the drag strip, and this baby's got to be the wildest one to make that scene. Can you believe that big injected 454 cu. in. Chevy "rat" motor stuffed behind the driver? Or those neat upswept zoomie exhaust headers? And dig those hi-rise chrome injector stacks that top off the louvered rear deck. With big Goodyear slicks on chrome mags, this quarter-miler means nothing but trouble for the competition.