Tom's Inspiration:

The ongoing hippy insanity that permeated and inundated the 'left' coast, must have scrambled my noodle when I designed this one. Actually, I was intrigued with the idea of an asymmetrical cab-beside-motor layout...something beyond what vans of the day looked like (street-able vans - not way-way out 'show vans'). The interior had 'mod' posters and such, and was ready made for those modelers who were into super detailing. The little 'Taco' mini-bike is a model of the real-life machine I designed (along with Lynn Wineland), for Steens International. 'Vandal', was obviously a play on words.

Year: 1972

Scale: 1/24

This bad box on wheels makes the street scene luxury in style! Driver's compartment enclosed in a clear bubble makes it easy to keep an eye on the big, blown "8" alongside. Open the side door or tall gate and feast your eyes on the "living room" interior with swag lamp and simulated carpeting. Super dirt bike rides on the rear bumper. Wild decals add the final touch.