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February 10, 2017 Update!


The Baddest of the Bad ‘old school’ custom chopper kits in BIG 1/8 scale - the GRIM REAPER - which I designed way back in 1974 is NOW IN STOCK in the Model kit department at the ‘TD’ store!

Check out the out-of-sight all-new box art - not by ME, but artwork by # 1 son - Kelly Daniel. This is the first of hopefully many new box art works by Kelly in the future.


Revell-Monogram did good and delivered the BEER WAGON kits a bit AHEAD of schedule! They are now available in the TD store Model Kit Department for your modeling pleasure, fun and enjoyment. Hoist one for me!

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GOOD NEWS for those who love Tom Daniel artwork!

The glitches and bugs are almost fixed for the long awaited ‘TD’ on-line Fine Art Gallery. Stay tuned for further news!

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“How To Draw & Design With Tom Daniel” Book

The “How To Draw & Design With Tom Daniel” book is also making progress, so, again, stay tuned for upcoming announcements on this exciting all-new item that will be available here- EXCLUSIVELY - in the ’TD’ store “COOL STUFF” department .

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Revell-Monogram News

HOORAY! After 40 + years, the JINX EXPRESS kit is back in stock in the Model Kit Department in the ‘TD’ store!.

Just like the original, this unique kit doubles as a working PIGGY BANK - complete with rear door and combination lock for access to the pennies, nickels & dimes that are ‘deposited’ into the bank vault through the money slot on the roof gun turret!.

Easy to build, loaded with cool details and green tinted hood scoop and windshield, the JINX EXPRESS will put a BIG smile on your face!.

If you'd like to see more re-releases of the old 'TD' (Monogram) model kits, you can contact Revell-Monogram directly at toll-free 1-800-833-3570 and/or via e mail at:

Let them know which 'TD' kits you'd like to see again available.

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Cool Stuff News

The long awaited DVD version of the "Man Behind the Models" VHS tape from the 1990s is now available in the "Cool Stuff" department in the 'TD' store. Check it out

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Mattel News

For collectors who like the MOB ROD, look for TWO different paint and graphics versions - for the Indianapolis and Los Angeles Hot/Wheels Conventions coming soon, BOTH designed by #1 son - Kelly Daniel. Hot looking!

As many of you know, MOB ROD was voted "Casting of the Year" by Hot Wheels Collectors. Many thanks to you ALL for that honor! The "special" limited run issue of MOB ROD - with the body color and wheels chosen via "sElections" ballot - will soon be available, with "special" graphics created by my number one son - Kelly Daniel (his graphic design for MOB ROD was better than mine).

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I have a limited supply of the hot electric HO SLOT- CAR DRAG RACE set's, featuring the S'Cool BUS vs the BAD BRAT for exciting match race drag action on the 13 foot long race track! Just the ticket for dad's and sons and daughters! (and mom, too!)

Now available in the COOL STUFF department.

TD gablich

TD gablich


Fine Art News

The glitches and bugs are almost fixed for the long awaited ‘TD’ on-line Fine Art Gallery. Stay tuned for further news!


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As ALWAYS, THANK YOU for all the letters and e mail with your GREAT stories of your childhood modeling escapades! I DO read them all - and I WILL reply - (though sometimes it takes some time to do that).

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