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May 1, 2018 Update!

Born: 1945 Died: Friday the 13th, 2018

Sad, sad, sad… One of the iconic ‘original’ Model Kit manufacturers in the USA was Monogram Models of Morton Grove, Illinois - of which I have deeply been a part since 1966. What happened? Well it was NOT Revell-Monogram itself that went belly-up ( Revell was doing nicely), but the “parent” company aka HOBBICO of Champaign, Illinois, that bit the dust and pulled in its several subsidiary companies - including Revell-Monogram with it.

Revell-Monogram (HOBBICO) also owned Revell of Germany. Now a German company owns both - and from the sketchy current info I have, Revell of Germany will now be the dominant company from which Revell-Monogram products (including ’TD’ kits) will possibly at some future date again be available in the US. I have to believe the per kit costs will increase as any and all (former) Revell-Monogram USA will be German IMPORTS.

As any additional info is made known to me, it will appear here on the ’TD sez’ column update as soon as any such information becomes available.

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How To Draw and Design Cars with Tom Daniel

Here is some GOOD news: The long time in coming “How To Draw and Design Cars” tutorial book is down to finishing the last chapter. Launch date has been set for 12 weeks away - or before if we can pull it off.

This ‘spiral-bound’ (for easy reading and reference), volume 1., contains virtually all of the knowledge I have gained and learned over a half-century of creating and drawing a wide variety of vehicles. Strictly ‘Old School' designing and drawing 101 - pencil and black marker pens only… NO color.

Chapters include:
1: Tools (and the importance of each),
2: Shading Pencil Drawings,
3: Drawing Chrome;
4: Drawing Tires and Wheels,
5: Talking About Design,
6: Side View Sketching,
7: Simple Perspective Drawing
8: Pencil and Black Marker Rendering techniques

More to come soon.

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Cool Stuff News

The long awaited DVD version of the "Man Behind the Models" VHS tape from the 1990s is now available in the "Cool Stuff" department in the 'TD' store. Check it out

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Mattel News


Check out the list of TD/Hot Wheels now on sale in the Die Cast department in the ‘TD’ store.

Note that all listings are for LIMITED quantities - especially the numbered “Artists Proofs” of the MOB ROD casting, so first come first served.

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I have a limited supply of the hot electric HO SLOT- CAR DRAG RACE set's, featuring the S'Cool BUS vs the BAD BRAT for exciting match race drag action on the 13 foot long race track! Just the ticket for dad's and sons and daughters! (and mom, too!)

Now available in the COOL STUFF department.

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TD gablich


Fine Art News

The new Fine Art Gallery is live!


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See 'TD' CAREER Page for complete information

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BONNEVILLE and the BLUE FLAME: Recently made the trip to Bonneville to attend the 40th anniversary celebration and dinner party honoring the October 23, 1970 running of the rocket powered LSR vehicle "BLUE FLAME" - driven by the late Gary Gabelich - to a World Land Speed record of: 622.407 MPH in the 'flying mile'; and 630.388 for the flying kilometer record. Those record speeds lasted for more than a decade.

A very well-done slide show was presented by Dick Keller, with his (then) partner at Reaction Dynamics - Pete Farnsworth, adding many interesting aspects and details about the building of the BLUE FLAME.

I took along with me, my model of the AMERICAN WAY LSR vehicle - for some pictures of it ON THE SALT! It drew quite a crowd, with many wanting to have their pictures taken with it. Everyone said they'd like to see it FULL SIZE - and making LSR runs. Me too!

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As ALWAYS, THANK YOU for all the letters and e mail with your GREAT stories of your childhood modeling escapades! I DO read them all - and I WILL reply - (though sometimes it takes some time to do that).

Kind regards,