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July 7, 2020 Update!

The long awaited KING CHOPPER II is NOW AVAILABLE in the TD Store Model Kit Department and ready to ship!

Limited quantity, so don't miss out!

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1968 Pontiac - 400 CU IN GTO

This painting was done in back in the year 2000 for box art for a Revell-Monogram kit. As usual I used Windsor & Newton Designers Gouache (opaque watercolor) This was a fun painting with all the background rods and custom cars added.

1971 Hemi CUDA

This was the 2nd painting done as part of the assignment from Revell-Monogram back in the year 2000, again using Windsor & Newton Designers Gouache opaque watercolor. The expression on the face of the new owner of the Hemi-CUDA sez it all!

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4-years in the making, (my) How To Draw & Design Cars
book is now IN STOCK in the COOL STUFF Department 
at the ‘TD’ Store!

110 8.5 X 11” (inch) pages, HORIZONTAL and "Spiral Bound”
 for easy viewing and reading my tutorials; jam-packed with drawing tips I’ve learned in over a half century of drawing 
cars and vehicles of all kinds, sizes and types.

I specifically created this easy to read book for anyone - old
or young who likes to doodle or draw cars - and doesn’t quite 
know how to make their drawings look good. I show you How. 

8 chapters include: Tools (that I use); Shading and Blending; How to Draw Chrome, How To Draw Tires and Wheels; Side View Sketching; Perspective Sketching and Pencil & Black Marker Drawing Techniques.

Makes a lasting Gift for Friends and Family.

Introductory price only $29.95.

Money Back if not delighted.

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Well, it looks like the BAJA BANDITO kit is toast!

In addition - due to MAJOR contractual differences - my involvement with the “new”  REVELL-USA is over.

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Cool Stuff News

The long awaited DVD version of the "Man Behind the Models" VHS tape from the 1990s is now available in the "Cool Stuff" department in the 'TD' store. Check it out

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Mattel News


Check out the list of TD/Hot Wheels now on sale in the Die Cast department in the ‘TD’ store.

Note that all listings are for LIMITED quantities - especially the numbered “Artists Proofs” of the MOB ROD casting, so first come first served.

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We hope to have some new information soon, Keep checking back!

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Fine Art News

The new Fine Art Gallery is live!


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See 'TD' CAREER Page for complete information

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BONNEVILLE and the BLUE FLAME: Recently made the trip to Bonneville to attend the 40th anniversary celebration and dinner party honoring the October 23, 1970 running of the rocket powered LSR vehicle "BLUE FLAME" - driven by the late Gary Gabelich - to a World Land Speed record of: 622.407 MPH in the 'flying mile'; and 630.388 for the flying kilometer record. Those record speeds lasted for more than a decade.

A very well-done slide show was presented by Dick Keller, with his (then) partner at Reaction Dynamics - Pete Farnsworth, adding many interesting aspects and details about the building of the BLUE FLAME.

I took along with me, my model of the AMERICAN WAY LSR vehicle - for some pictures of it ON THE SALT! It drew quite a crowd, with many wanting to have their pictures taken with it. Everyone said they'd like to see it FULL SIZE - and making LSR runs. Me too!

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As ALWAYS, THANK YOU for all the letters and e mail with your GREAT stories of your childhood modeling escapades! I DO read them all - and I WILL reply - (though sometimes it takes some time to do that).

Kind regards,