Gary Gabelich/Tom Daniel and the
"American Way" Land Speed Record Vehicle

I first met Gary Gabelich when he was driving 'Diggers' - early Sling Shot Dragsters - at the fabled "Lion's Drag Strip", located in Wilmington, California, back in the late 1960's. That was some time before before Gary drove the "Blue Flame" Rocket Powered Vehicle to a new "World Land Speed Record", of 622.407 MPH, set at the legendary 'Bonneville Salt Flats'; just East of Wendover, Utah, on October 23, 1970. Gary's record Run stood for almost 13 years!

Gary Gabelich and I became close friends and business partners and established the "Rocketman Corporation" in the early 1980's, the goal of which was to design, build (with the help of sponsors), and run an 'Advanced' Design "Land Speed Record Vehicle ", capable reaching speeds in the 800 MPH range. Our hopes and dreams were prematurely shattered with the tragic death of Gary in January, 1984.

The Silver Model you see here, is the 'final' version of a Design that Gary and I collaborated on for the best part of a decade. Though completed in 1983, it still looks like it would "do the trick" even today. I still get chills just looking at it!

The accompanying "Cut Away Views" of the Vehicle that I drew - way back then - represents (to me), the pinnacle of my 'career' in Industrial Design; a design that represents the utmost 'seriousness'; and one that is still on the "cutting edge" of LSR Vehicle Technology.

Over all Length: 41' 9" Type: Pressure Fed Bipropellant Liquid Rocket
Wheelbase: 342" Thrust: Step Throttling from 4,000 to 50,000 Lbs.
Estimated Weight (fueled): 7,700 LB Propellants: H2O2 and an Alternative Energy Fuel
Fuselage Width vs Height: 30 X 36" Burn Time: One Minute - (depending on thrust levels)
Tail Fin Height: 7' 6" ©2007 Tom Daniel
Steering Ratio: 91: 1 ©1980 Rocketman Productions, Inc.

Click on each link below to see this incredible design from every angle:

Want to look inside? Click on Tom's 'cutaway' drawings below:

This is Tom's tribute artwork of the late Gary Gabelich (click it to enlarge):

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