Snowbound Studebaker
Miner's Roost Sand Crabs
Just Restin'
Bi-Wing Beauty
Damn Fog
Steam and Snow
Dry Wells
Warm Haven
Blowin" Down
Early Autumn Memory
SCool Bus
1936 Chevy
Monsoon Season
Red Baron
California Street Vette
Billy Bagans Barn
Back of card
Back of Card

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Product TD-NC6
Individual 5"x7" Note cards with envelopes
(minumum order 6)

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Note Card Numbers 1 - 10
Note Card Numbers 11 - 23
Click pictures above for a larger view. Description of each is below

These individual greeting cards are blank inside greeting cards. making them perfect for any occasion.

They are 5"x7" and printed on heavy glossy stock with the exception of number 20 which is printed on heavy matte stock. They include white mailing envelopes NOW SOLD INDIVDUALLY. On the back of each card is printed the following description. The cards are:

  1. Dot Rods- Tom Daniel designed and illustrated these Datsun Motor--and in some cases, chassis--based classic Hot Rods for Rod & Custom Magazines, circa 1972.
  2. Pop Top 'T'- Tom Daniel designed and illustrated this fanciful Model 'T' Hot Rod for Rod & Custom's Editor, Bud Bryan, back in 1968.
  3. Making History- Gary Gabelich memorial #1 created by TD in 1991.
  4. Stardust Memory- Gary Gabelich memorial #2 created by TD in 1991.
  5. Banzai Run- Gary Gabelich memorial #3 created by TD in 1991.
  6. Nightmare On Wheels- New "Bad Medicine" artwork created for Johnny Lightning 1/64 die cast release in 1996.
  7. Cherry Bomb- New "Cherry Bomb" artwork created for Johnny Lightning 1/64 die cast release in 1996.
  8. Where's the Fire!- A 1992 spoof of Tom's friend and Seattle fireman Todd Aicher in TD's Firecracker.
  9. Snowbound Studebaker - This 1931 Studebaker "Commander Eight" has perhaps seen better days, but as part of the backyard playground, it helps make children's fantasies seem real!
  10. Miner's Roost - Snow dusts the surroundings as the wind whistles through the ghostly remains of an old "boomtown" dwelling in Mother Lode country.
  11. The Sand Crabs - A 1970's era painting of the Tom's family during some good times
  12. Just Restin' - You can almost here the frogs croaking and the crickets chirping in anticipation, while the old 1930's era truck and barn slowly succumb to the inexorable effects of nature.
  13. Bi-Wing Beauty - Last of the U.S. Navy Bi-Planes, the Grumman F-3-F-2 was in the era of the 1930's considered a "hot" machine. Horsepower, maneuverability and all metal construction rendered the "Helldiver" a rugged aeroplane...but fun to fly.
  14. Damn Fog - The intrepid and dapper test pilot is anxious for the fog to lift so he cab get airborne in this experimental "Wright -Cyclone" powered Curtis Army "Hawk", back in the golden age of aviation...the 1930's!
  15. Steam and Snow - In a winterset scene of days long gone by, a 1940's era steam locomotive simmers and hisses as it "coals up" under a huge concrete tower...and the on to it's daily chores of moving people and freight.
  16. A Place Called Dry Wells - Once a remote "water stop" for steam locomotives out west, the eternal solitude at Dry Wells now only hears the cawing of a passing crow and rustle of dry grass form an occasional breeze.
  17. Warm Haven - It's cold silent and still outside, but the depot yonder beckons with a warm pot-bellied stove...come in, let's go find out when the next train is due in.
  18. Tranquility - Soft shadows play across a frozen lake, exclaiming the beginning of another wondrous winter's day.
  19. Blowin' Down - The old #8 of the famous Carson & Colorado railroad is shown cuffing, hissing and clanking across the trestle in Nevada, scaring the bejeebers out of the local duck population.
  20. Early Autumn Memory - It's early Autumn in 1941 as narrow-gauge Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 #70 drifts down Clear Creek in Colorado - Denver bound with a train consisting of a CONOCO tank car, three gondolas of gold ore, three boxcars and a dinky caboose.
  21. S'COOL BUS - Created and designed back in 1970 - by Tom Daniel - 'S'COOL BUS' is the most far-out, totally wild and absolutely mind bending school bus of all time.
  22. 1936 Chevrolet Pick Up - This sweet lookin' '36 Chevy pick up was designed by Tom Daniel for one of his "Off the Sketchpad" articles in Rod & Custom Magazine, circa 1989.
  23. Monsoon Season - The remnants of a seasonal monsoon drift eastward after showering Kanab, Utah with life giving rain.