Set of 40 Cars:
Mattel Hot Wheels 1/64 diecasts

Product TD-DC.040
Complete set of 40 "Collector Top 40" in special collector case signed by Tom Daniel

(cars will NOT be sold individually)

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These cars represent the top-40 Hot Wheels vehicles as selected by the Hot Wheels design team and ranked by collectors at Here you'll find some of the original 16 along with classics from every ear.

Each vehicle has been "reinterpreted" by a current Hot Wheels designer and lists:

  • Year first introduced
  • Original Designer
  • 2008 Deco (designer who reinterpreted the original and his comments.)

CLICK HERE to see the entire Collector Top 40 List!

From the Hot Wheels Collector site:

What do you do with something at forty? What significance does it hold? It’s obviously a major milestone when it’s four decades, but how do you properly celebrate it? We decided that we’d start our 40th anniversary celebration in the purest Hot Wheels® way -- by creating a line of the coolest die-cast toy cars, both old and new, that anyone can hope to get their hands on!In order to make this series the prime objective for serious collectors, we went all-out! We grabbed old favorites, new favorites, classic castings and top-notch designs. Then we restored a few old friends, added a few new ones, and modified a few others. The result is a series of mind-blowing cars that boldly state what we all know: Even after forty years, Hot Wheels® cars are here to stay!