Set of Six Cars:
Johnny Lightning 1/64 diecasts

Product TD-DC.001
Complete set of six "Fearless Funny Cars" all signed by Tom Daniel

(cars will NOT be sold individually)

<-- Click on any car to see a close-up of it
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You will want to click on each one of these images and check out the 'close up view' of these really cool little die cast Funny car's. All have 'Tilt Up' bodies that when lifted, show the neat die cast motor and chassis assemblies. These 6 Funny Car's, the SHUT OUT, EARTHQUAKE, FAKE OUT, MEAN MAVERICK, FIEND, and RRRIP OFF, are of course miniaturized versions of the 1/32 plastic SNAP TITE model kits I did for Monogram back in the 1970's. The "FEARLESS FUNNY CAR'S" blister pack artwork that I did for Johnny Lightning came out pretty cool too; and the little Starting light "Christmas Tree" that is included with each, make these a 'must have' for 1/64 die cast collectors.

Most of these cars are based from the series of "Snap Tite" model kits Tom did for Monogram in the early '70s.