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Die Cast Car :
TD Signed Die Cast Collectible

Product TD-DC.003
Bad Man II Die Cast collectible with TD Figure!
signed and dated by Tom Daniel on box

Price: $22.00

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New Badman II Adult Collectible DIE CAST car by Revell-Monogram. Includes TD Figure!

Signed on box by Tom Daniel!

Tom describes the NEW Badman II below:

"The main differences from the original Badman, is of course the body shell: originally the 'Bel Air' style...(no 'B' pillar, fancier chrome side trim,roof trim, two tone paint...on Stock car).

The original Badman hood scoop is much larger than on the 'II', and the original had a straight 'tube' front axle set up in dragster/funny car style, while the 'II' has stock upper/lower 'A' arms with coil over shocks.

Original Badman had shaved deck lid, while the Badman II, still has stock chrome deck Emblem.

On the + side...Badman II' has the big block motor (finally); and the interior has molded Headliner. This is something I tried to get then to do for a long time. Normally, they would mold front/rear window 'glass' connected by smooth section that fit up under the Green House (roof), which when you looked in through the side window openings, looked hokey to me...unfinished - and I suggested they modify that part by cutting in either tuck and roll (for Hot Rods), or stock headliner sections for stock cars. So,to save bucks, they utilized the Chevy 'Two Ten' 2-door sedan, which was first used with the "American Graffiti" Trilogy of cars: the yellow '32 Ford Coupe, White '56 Ford 'T bird, and the Black '55 Chevy (bad guy driven by Harrison Ford in the movie)."

Please note: this is a Die cast car and not a kit.
There is a kit with a die cast body available on the model in the model kit department