The MOB ROD is here!


Mattel 1/64 Diecast Hot Wheels "Real Riders" series

Product TD-DC.038
HOTWHEELS Mob Rod signed by Tom Daniel

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Dig what Tom has to say about his NEW MOB ROD!

The genesis of the design idea that became the "MOB ROD" began as part of a R&C 'Sketchpad' back in 1968.

At that time I did not have a name in mind for the design, and it was #1 son - Kelly Daniel - who coined the name in 2009 when he was creating a DVD program showing 80 or so images of Tom Daniel 'original' idea sketches, comps and more finished design work which was used by Mattel to choose a design theme to include in their 2010 Hot Wheels line up.

This would be the first all-new 'TD' Hot Wheel design in some 40 years! Actually, I modified the 'original' sketch somewhat to "fit" the Mob Rod name, as the initial idea sketch didn't quite have the look I thought it should to connote a kind of sinister appearance.

The radical split injectors and blower housing were somewhat similar to the original idea sketch, but much more impressive and up to date looking.

The body lines were adjusted to conform to 1:64 die cast limitations, but still conveys the overall feeling I wanted it to have. The body is strictly original, but has the 'old school' retro look to it.

Mattel has a nice selection of in-house wheels and tires to work with, and on this 1st version of the body casting, I chose their very cool "Real Riders" tires, that "look and feel like the real thing"; and also their deep-dish 5-lug chrome wheels to give the 30s look I wanted to complement the body lines; and for color, I chose Mattel's deep blue SPECTRA FLAME paint to ice the cake on this sweet looking ride!