ShorRod Racing Red Baron
Detail of car

Toy Zone Showrod Racing Set
scale diecast

Product TD-DC.024
The "Showrod Racing Set" 1:4s scale diecast Racing set with 6 over six feet of track and speed ramps for High Flying Action.

Each box signed Tom Daniel

Price: $35.00

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Toy Zone Showrod Racing Set

Jumpin' Gee-Hosifat! Who knew?? Turns out, the 1/43 die cast "Original TD Show Rods" are natural born dare-devil jumpers!

Toy Zone has packaged random TD 1/43 cars (except the S'Cool Bus - because the die cast body pops open), with over (6) feet of track + Speed Jump Ramp and movable Landing Ramp.

Set includes a C-Clamp for easy attachment to table edges, chairs and more. Makes for GREAT fun for 'kids' of ALL ages!