TIP: Consider printing out this page for quick reference!  
  Step 1  

Browse through the TD Store and decide which item to buy. Click on the item to review it as shown below:



  Step 2  

You may have to select an option of the item like shirt size or TD's signature. After that, click the "Add To Cart" button to add this item to your Paypal shopping cart:



  Step 3  

Each time you add an item to your shopping cart, you will be shown everything in your cart. Here, you can change the quantity or remove an item from your cart. Remember to click the "Update cart" button to see your changes! Or, continue shopping at the TD Store, adding more items to your shopping cart until you are ready to "Proceed to checkout":



  Step 4  

After clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button, you will be asked to enter your Paypal login and password:



  Step 5  

Once logged in, your shipping costs will be automatically added to your item total. Choose your payment method, verify your shipping address, and then click the "Pay Now" button to complete the transaction.