Tom's Inspiration:

I've always felt sorry for dogs and cats who were caught by the the local "Dog Catcher" so I reversed the idea here in a comic book theme and made the dog the catcher in his own hot rod. The front was a bit innovative with Indy-type formula-1 look and diaplane spoliers. Quite radical for the time.

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

Man's best friend can ride to the kennel in style in this sleek, super fast show rod. That old mad dog, Tom Daniel, came unleashed to dream up this way out fun car. Tom created a rakish body, added a batch of custom hot rod goodies and stuck a hound dog in the driver's seat. Molded in bright-colored plastic with black vinyl tires and tinted windshield, this kit has realistic detail, mod decals and lots of chrome.