Tom's Inspiration:

Someone at Monogram came up with the Flap Jack name. The chief engineer, Sylvester Wysnewski, developed the mechanism for this kit and I did the outside or surface design and came up with the shadow base and wire "perch" that allowed the "Air Farce" bird to wildly bounce up and down and all around! It really worked out great...and was a terrific seller too. A friend who was in the US Air Force, stationed at Nellis, Nevada told me that at one time in one of the ready rooms, they had a whole squadron of Flap Jacks going all at once atop a table. That I would have liked to see! Being that I was a NAVAL AIR type myself, I naturally painted and decorated MY Flap Jack in appropriate colors.

Year: 1973

Scale: n/a

Propeller spins....wings flap...Machine guns move back and forth....Bounces around on springy base.