Tom's Inspiration:

The success of the Red Baron model prompted Monogram's Bob Reder to visit me and discuss how we could capitalize on it's popularity. I thought we could do something fun with the chrome helmet again and sketched out this skeleton "ghost" design on a place mat at a Mexican restaurant. Bob liked the idea and had Monogram engineers add the bobbing skull capability with rubber bands. It was a cute kit but didn't really sell that well.

Year: 1969

Scale: n/a

The story goes... that after the mad designer, Tom Daniel dreamed up the Red Baron Show Rod, he began having midnight visits from the angry Baron's spirit. He seized the Baron's ghostly spirit and schemed to transform it into a ghastly image that everyone could view with wide-eyed terror. He took... The Baron's bone white skull, chromed spiked helmet, chromed engine valve and Iron Cross for a base, a pair of yellow-tinted specs, self stick markings and put them all together to give you the Ghost of the Red Baron! Ve-r-r-r-y Interesting!

Stark Terror! .....when you see the Red Baron's ghastly ghostly image with gleaming chromed helmet and gently rocking bone-white skull with its glowing eyes. Discover the curse of the Red Baron in your own darkened room, if you dare! See his gently rocking head lull you to sleep at night!