Tom's Inspiration:

Metaphorically, choppers always reminded me somehow of Hades, Satan, the Devil,death, etc... but I still liked 'em. This was a fun design in that it was up scale in size,and I could play around with the frame design and other elements as well. It was somewhat angular and faceted...the tank had a kind of "coffin" look to it, Iron Cross atop the sissy bar, all combined to give the Grim reaper with the long rake, a lean 'n mean look to it. CHOP ...CHOP...CHOP!

Year: 1974

Scale: 1/8

The dude that jockeys this mean machine has gotta be the head man. And talk about raw power...there's no stoppin' this set of wheels once all those horses've been unleashed. California customizer Tom Daniel put his expert touch into this big 1/8 scale model kit. Long and low, this black beauty is the very latest in custom styled choppers. That sleek, wild- looking frame supports a mighty "74" mill, coffin style gas tank and "king 'n queen" seat. The way-out raked front wheel is right up to date with the new fashion square-tubular fork, twin rectangular sport- headlamps and compact, swept-back handle bars. Goodyear street machine skins ride front and rear wheels, and the whole thing is topped off by a wicked chrome-plated iron cross. Over 14" long... fully detailed. Cement and paint not included.