Tom's Inspiration:

Hey! ...Those were Groovy times! When I was a little kid, I used to scratch build little graders and then grade roads in our back yard. I LOVED to grade roads back then. Vehicular machinery of all types has always fascinated me and still do to this day. Since I had been doing a series of construction vehicles for Monogram, a "Hot Rodded" road grader, or "Blade" as they are called was a must do item. The backwards facing blown motor with slick exhaust headers fit neatly behind the custom cab blended into the custom body. Again, the ultra wide wheels and low profile tires were way ahead of the trend. (light years). Someone at Mattel ripped this design off a few years ago. Tisk-tisk!

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Need a drag strip in a hurry? Here's your baby! This is gotta be the world's fastest road grader. The old diesel engine was ripped out and a big blown rat motor was stuffed into the chopped customized grader body. Four giant dual slicks are independently suspended on the rear axles. With a touch of that vintage look, a pair of antique side lamps are mounted up front for night work, and the big chrome scraper blade is just looking for hills to level.