Tom's Inspiration:

Being a train nut, I really enjoyed designing this odd scale train thing. It IS toy-like which is perhaps why the High Mucky Mucks at Mattel loved it (back when Monogram was a subsidiary). I'm not too big on the word 'cute'...maybe 'charming' is a better choice to describe Honest Engine (I had heard that phrase as a kid to describe frank honesty), and thought it fit this design. True, I was pushing the envelope on this one, but it was a lot of fun. Some of the modeling "purists" out there think I had lost it with this one. To them I say...have a glass of prune juice, and give it a rest. Truly, I'd like to see Honest Engine in die-cast form, same color paint,with real brass plated metal parts. Someone at Mattel ripped this one off too a few years ago.

Year: 1971

Scale: n/a

This will drive you "loco" - locomotive that is! Red, black, brass and beautiful. That's the Honest Engine, wild dragstrip express. Sporting a thunderous blown Chrysler Hemi, this track-blaster is the envy of the rail yard. Check out all the big brass - from the fuel tank atop the coal tender to the Hemi it feeds. The cowcatcher picks off the competition and the fat slicks run 'em down. To slow this rail rammer, the drag 'chute comes in handy. What a fun way to roll - the Honest Engine!