Tom's Inspiration:

When I was a kid, we didn't have a refrigerator, we had an icebox. And the iceman came with his big tongs and delivered the ice to us. Most of the delivery trucks of the day were modified C-cab designs. I combined that memory with my version of a futuristic C-cab delivery 'T' to deliver the ice. Now that's cool!

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/24

Tom Daniel designed this mod drag strip version of a wild ice-hauling machine and called it...what else? The ICE 'T'! This li'l chiller will leave 'em cold at the starting line. The Chevy 396 Rat Motor with high ram intake manifold and dual Holly carbs will make the hottest fans shiver with delight. You'll freeze at the sight of that groovy interior, raking front end, concealed headlights that open and close. Block of ice on the tailgate has chrome ice tongs.