Tom's Inspiration:

At the time I did this, the really long rake Harleys were all the rage especially after the Fonda-Hopper movie, "Easy Rider". I've alwasy liked choppers with the "knucklehead Harley" motor in them. And that's my pet condor up there *HA*

Year: 1969

Scale: 1/8

It's big, boss and bad! King Chopper, the meanest 3-wheeler ever seen. It's unchained wildness at it's best. This righteous machine could only come from where it's happening---the West Coast. Check out all these goodies---Power, man it's got to be all lean meat and that means Harley, pure ground-shaking hair! Big scale makes engine detailing easy, and it's all there---chrome mill, starter, oil tank, battery box, clutch housing, chain drive, disc brakes---everything needed to make a showpiece model. Long and lean up front with radically raked out forks, contoured, high-rise seat and "Sissy Bar" that serves as a perch for the "California Condor"---big and meaner than he looks.