Tom's Inspiration:

The idea of a little bitty van based on the Sand Crab Dune Buggy appealed to me, and I liked the name. Almost anything with Li'l attached is cool. like li'l doggies. Some subtle changes were made, including the addition of a full windshield and solid roof panel, plus the 'van' housing at rear...and a couple of high mounted off road lights were added. This will appear in 1/64 die-cast in the near future.

Year: 1973

Scale: 1/24

Take a sporty fiber glass body, mount it over a VW motor and running gear, and you got the makings of one of those neat little dune buggies. Then take a custom panel top and close in the back for hauling picnic basket or scuba gear, and you got the Li'l Van! Designed as a street rod that's ready to hit the beach at any time, this saucy sand skipper has a style that only Tom Daniel could dream up.