Tom's Inspiration:

The copy shown under the picture of the box art pretty well says it all about this kit. It was THE 'cutting edge' kit at the time of its introduction in 1970, and was the "hit" at the big hobby show at Chicago. The main element was the super fine motor/chassis combo. The Ford Maverick body was chosen because Jack Besser (one of the founders of Monogram), liked the look of the Maverick... "You WILL do a Maverick body, Tom". "Yessa Boss".

Year: 1970

Scale: 1/12

Drag racing's newest, hottest machine, the Ford Maverick, has been customized by boss designer Tom Daniel. This BIG model has a one-piece body over 15 inches long. Realistic details are in authentic scale, right down to fuel lines and ignition wires. Kit contains 142 plastic parts molded in five colors with lots of chrome. Mod decorations, racing stripes and dragster insignia are furnished on colorful decal sheet. For fascinating action, press the miniature "foot-pedal" switch and a battery powered motor tilts up the body to show the super detailed interior and custom racing chassis. Cement, paint and batteries are not included.