Tom's Inspiration:

One of the all-time classics designs - designed by a "Paddy"... which is slang for "Irish". Old-time police wagons were called "Paddy Wagons", probably because most cops in those days WERE Irish. I'm very happy that we finally got the two cop figures: Fogarty & O'Reiley included in the Limited Edition kit a few years back. Those hand painted figures are beautifully done. The Paddy Wagon must be approaching the sales of Red Baron by now.

Year: 1968

Scale: 1/24

There oughtta be a law! The Paddy Wagon is so groovy, so loaded with swingin' goodies, it makes you want to get busted...just so's you can ride in it. Designed for Monogram by that way out rod stylist, Tom Daniel, the fugitive from East Los Angeles. This "Fuzzmobile" is powered by a wild, fully modified Cobra mill. Cab interior combines custom and antique and passenger compartment has authentic wood benches contrasted by red padded walls. And check those wide, wide Goodyear slicks on mag wheels, authentic police globes, cycle fenders plus an old-time "Pot" helmet, night stick.