Tom's Inspiration:

Pie Wagon was one of the original designs I did for Monogram. The 'C' cab and body were totally custom designed, and for its day was pretty far out. I combined traditional elements with 'modern', to produce this gem. Kit had decals for "Mothers Pies", as well as "Taco". Truly one of the 'fun' kits of all time.

Year: 1968

Scale: 1/24

Talk about a cherry show rod! The Pie Wagon is the latest hit sensation! It's a groove, a gas and also custard and banana cream! Created by Tom Daniel, West Coast rod designer, it's a wild custom built delivery truck full of all kinds of new goodies. Loaded with chrome and BRASS plated parts, it's the standout in any collection of show car models. From it's brass "T" radiator to the opening rear door and cargo of pies, it's the most in mad, mod haulin' machines!