Tom's Inspiration:

I had fun hammering the Pinto body to produce this neat little street machine. Compact and muscular, it still looks cool. I recall a red bodied version of this design. Someone at Mattel ripped off the neat little 'Poison Pinto' decal I did for this kit, and used it on a Pinto Panel truck Hot Wheel. BOOO!

Year: 1971

Scale: 1/24

Here's a wild pony with a lot of horses! This street machine packs a big "8" chromed mill that's too neat to tuck out of sight. Tom Daniel styled the font end with a wide open engine compartment and topped it off with a big air-gobbler scoop. From the custom pointed nerf bars to the rear spoilers, this chopped-top winner is all muscle. Wide street-grabbing skins ride on five-spoked mags. Wild decals add the finishing touch.