Tom's Inspiration:

The Rattler was not one of my favorites as it was concocted from the bones of the 'Horn Toad'. Certain aspects of it have some appeal...maybe a color other than green would have made a big difference. It is good material for kitbashing, though.

Year: 1975

Scale: 1/24

This venomous vehicle is as sleek as a snake. From the rattler decal and snake-eye windows on the rear to the forked tongue in front, this reptilian rod is loaded with custom goodies like the plush interior with high-rise contour seats, the special wheels with Goodyear street skins and the sweeping rear fenders. But to really rattle your cage, Tom Daniel took a big deadly Pontiac mill, topped it off with a six-pack of big Webber jugs and then stuck it in the engine-well tipped way over to one side at a rakish angle. Beware of the's a wild one!